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Katharine Fortin is an Associate Professor at Utrecht University where she teaches IHL and IHRL. Before joining Utrecht University, she worked at the ICTY, ICC and Norton Rose Fulbright. She is the author of The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2017) which won the 2018 Lieber Prize. She has written widely about the framework of law that applies to armed groups in non-international armed conflicts and is one of the editors of the Armed Groups and International Law blog.

I am very happy to welcome Rogier Bartels as co-editor of the Armed Groups and International Law blog.

Rogier is a researcher at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA) and works at the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office. He holds LL.M-degrees from Utrecht University and the University of Nottingham. Before taking up his current positions, he was an associate legal officer in Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and a legal adviser at the International Humanitarian Law Division of the Netherlands Red Cross.

Rogier is an adjunct-lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches international humanitarian law, and he co-convenes the Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict.

Within the joint “Role of Law in Armed Conflict and Peace Operations” research programme  of the Amsterdam Center for International Law (University of Amsterdam) and the NLDA, he is writing a PhD thesis on the phenomenon of “transnational armed conflicts”. His research aims to explore the scope of application of international humanitarian law to, and legal difficulties arising from, conflicts between states and non-state actors, or non-state actors amongst themselves, that are not confined to the territory of a single state.

His publications and conference papers focus on international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and the interaction between these two fields.

Rogier and I briefly overlapped at the ICTY in 2009 and are both members of the Amsterdam Center of International Law’s Research Forum for the Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations, otherwise known as “LACPO”.

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