News Roundup for the rest of Week 44

Please find below a combined news roundup for the remining part of week 44

DRC operations against M23:

IRINNews gives an overview of the various Armed groups in eastern DRC

Congo Refugees Stream into Uganda as Army Advances on M23 Rebel Bastion

Rebel Stronghold Falls to Congolese Army

M23 rebels in Congo: What a difference a year makes


Drone Strikes Are Said to Kill Taliban Chief

US ambassador summoned over Taliban leader killing

NY Times Q&A: How the Pakistani Taliban Became a Deadly Force

Head of US “Institute for the Study of War”: ‘Pakistan still supports terror operations’

Burma/Myanmar peace talks:

Myanmar rebel groups assemble to discuss cease-fire with government

Myanmar rebel groups agree on peace plan

Fighting with govt and TNLA continues

ABSDF marks 25 years in armed fight for democracy

Other news:

U.N. officials see risk of genocide in Central African Republic

Central African Republic chaotic, half population need help, U.N. says

Seven killed in rebel attack in India’s Assam state

Thailand Looks to Restart Southern Peace Talks, Despite Little Progress

Rebel commander accused of killing 3 soldiers nabbed in Philippines

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