News Roundup – 24 March 2014

Women’s harrowing tale of escape from Boko Haram

CAR clash between peacekeepers and armed groups claims 4 lives

Human Rights Watch compendium on CAR of materials published since the March 2013 Seleka Coup

US military planes to hunt LRA leader Joseph Kony

ICRC Staff Member Killed As Fighting Surges in Sudan’s Darfur

Renewed Attacks on Civilians in Darfur

Kenyan church attack leaves four worshippers dead and 17 injured

Short-term costs of military gains in Somalia

Human Rights Watch: Syria: Unlawful Air Attacks Terrorize Aleppo

Syrian rebels capture town near Turkish border

Three killed as Shi’ite Houthi fighters clash with Yemeni army

The Taliban ring in another Afghan New Year with renewed attacks on civilians

Dispute on Sri Lanka War Crimes Escalates

Myanmar govt expects meeting for signing nationwide ceasefire to be held in April

Communist Party Chief Held in Philippines and Philippine peace prospects dim after arrest of communist rebels

Charles Blé Goudé (Ivory Coast) transferred to the ICC and to make initial appearance on 27 March 2014

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