News Roundup – 28 August 2014

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Katharine Fortin is an Associate Professor at Utrecht University where she teaches IHL and IHRL. Before joining Utrecht University, she worked at the ICTY, ICC and Norton Rose Fulbright. She is the author of The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2017) which won the 2018 Lieber Prize. She has written widely about the framework of law that applies to armed groups in non-international armed conflicts and is one of the editors of the Armed Groups and International Law blog.

RAND Corporation: Foreign fighters are a global threat. 

Call Islamic State ‘QSIS’ instead, says globally influential Islamic authority. 

Islamic State militants have committed “mass atrocities” in Syria and recruited children as fighters, the United Nations says (see here for the latest report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic)

US man fighting for IS group dies in Syria. 

Islamic State strengthens control in Syria. 

Qatar trying to free more US hostages in Syria. 

Yemeni president urges rebels to leave Sanaa. 

Foreign intervention in Libya seen as further destabilizing fractured country. 

UN Security Council urges ‘swift neutralization’ of Rwandan rebel group in DRC. 

Seleka infighting in Central African Republic kills 17. 

Three killed in UN helicopter crash in South Sudan after rebel warning. 

Ukraine rebels enter coastal town. 

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