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Katharine Fortin is an Associate Professor at Utrecht University where she teaches IHL and IHRL. Before joining Utrecht University, she worked at the ICTY, ICC and Norton Rose Fulbright. She is the author of The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law (Oxford University Press, 2017) which won the 2018 Lieber Prize. She has written widely about the framework of law that applies to armed groups in non-international armed conflicts and is one of the editors of the Armed Groups and International Law blog.

The English version of the ICRC’s eight-module introduction to international humanitarian law for non-specialized audiences is now available online. The modules cover the following topics:-

What is international humanitarian law?

What are the sources of international humanitarian law?

The basic principles of international humanitarian law?

Means and methods of warfare

IHL and human rights law

When does IHL apply?

Protected persons and objects

International crimes 

All these modules are also available in French (see here).

Another helpful online learning/ teaching tool which the ICRC made available earlier this summer is a package of materials intended to allow the creation of a half day workshop on sexual violence and armed conflict. The workshop is intended for use in law faculties, as well as in other training programmes.

Its intention is to enable students and teachers to explore the legal and practical issues linked to sexual violence. It focuses on applicable international rules in humanitarian law, human rights law and criminal law, while also addressing some of the causes and consequences of sexual violence and encouraging participants to think about the appropriate humanitarian response. The workshop package includes the following:-

User’s guide

Workshop structure

Legal provisions

Reading list


Film: Congo Kinshasa – the hidden battlefield

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