News Roundup – 13 October 2014

Colombia says FARC rebel chief traveled twice to Cuba for peace talk

“The Mission: A last defense against genocide”, an interesting long-read about the CAR fight between Seleka and Anti-Balaka

UN: Nine killed in suspected Ugandan rebel attack in DR Congo

DRC civilians face ADF rebel threat

South Sudanese rebels kill Ugandan soldiers in Upper Nile according to spokesperson

Somalia Expects Liberation of al-Shabaab-Controlled Areas by May

Kurdish Rebels Assail Turkish Inaction on ISIS as Peril to Peace Talks

Yazidi Women Captured by the Islamic State Suffer Terrible Fate

IS group admit mass enslavement of Yazidi women and children

Taliban adopts Islamic State terror tactics as U.S. troops exit Afghanistan

14 Afghan Forces Are Killed in Ambush by the Taliban

Stability returns in Myawaddy (Myanmar) after clashes

Six schools torched in restive Thai province

On Just Security: “Reflections on Hassan v UK: A Mixed Bag on the Right to Liberty” in two parts (see here for part 1)

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