News Roundup – 3-6 January 2015

About the author(s):

Rogier is a researcher at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA) and works at the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office. He holds LL.M-degrees from Utrecht University and the University of Nottingham. Before taking up his current positions, he was an associate legal officer in Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and a legal adviser at the International Humanitarian Law Division of the Netherlands Red Cross.

Rogier is an adjunct-lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches international humanitarian law, and he co-convenes the Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict.

Colombian ELN Rebels Could Agree To Peace Deal, Rebel Leader Says

ICRC: Violence CAR continues to take toll on civilians

MSF: ‘The suffering of the people is fuelling the armed conflict in CAR’

ICC Prosecutor Urges Nigerians to Refrain From Violence

Armed groups to be ‘neutralised’ says UN DR Congo envoy after massacre near Beni

Violence in north-east Nigeria spreads suffering across borders

Uganda: Rebel Commander’s Remains Believed Discovered

South Sudan Rebel Leader Hopeful Peace Talks Will Resume

International Crisis Group report: Sudan and South Sudan’s Merging Conflicts

UN rights chief warns escalation in Ukraine fighting ‘catastrophic’ for country’s civilians

Rebels pound Ukrainian troops after peace talks fail

Amnesty International: Horror of civilian bloodshed in indiscriminate attacks

Syrian ex-rebel charged with war crimes in Sweden

ISIS Killing, Torturing, Using Children As Suicide Bombers, Says U.N. Report

UNESCO deplores ‘cultural cleansing’ of Iraq as armed extremists ransack Mosul libraries

Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2015



Blog posts on the upcoming appeal in the Serdar Mohammed case:


Ruchi Parekh and Ryan Goodman on Just Security, Kevin Jon Heller with two posts (here and here) on Opinio Juris. Related to the case, see also this new article by Sean Aughey and Aurel Sari

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