News Roundup – Week of 25 April to 1 May 2015

About the author(s):

Rogier is a researcher at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA) and works at the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office. He holds LL.M-degrees from Utrecht University and the University of Nottingham. Before taking up his current positions, he was an associate legal officer in Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and a legal adviser at the International Humanitarian Law Division of the Netherlands Red Cross.

Rogier is an adjunct-lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches international humanitarian law, and he co-convenes the Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict.


Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists trade accusations as Minsk deal frays

Ukraine’s rebels mete out rough justice in authority vacuum



Child casualties highlight brutal cost of Yemen conflict as civilian deaths mount

Life under siege in Yemen: ‘Bullets and shrapnel came into the house’

Small steps forward? International pressure and accountability for atrocities in Sri Lanka

Air strikes kill civilians in Yemeni capital


Syria, Iraq, ISIS:

Islamists Seize Control of Syrian City in Northwest

Islamist rebels battle Syrian army near Assad heartland

Israel Kills Armed Militants From Syria in Strike on Golan

Islamist fighters said to have seized southern Syria crossing

Isis leader incapacitated with suspected spinal injuries after air strike

Baghdad officials blame Sunni displaced for wave of bombings



Taliban launch spring offensive with rocket attack on U.S. base

Appeal by Kunduz airstrike victims’ families fails

Afghan delegation heads to Qatar for talks with the Taliban


Other news:

Colombia and the Farc: are peace talks unravelling?

Ugandan ADF Rebel Commander Killed in Congo

Libya militia ‘launches air raids’ against IS

International Crisis Group report: The Chaos in Darfur

Debate in the NY Times: Should a Court Approve All Drone Strikes? (with, e.g., O’Connell, Hakimi and Guiora)

Israel indicts three soldiers for alleged crimes during Gaza war

Pakistanis see double standard in drone strikes

Myanmar ethnic rebels meet to discuss nationwide ceasefire

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