News Roundup – 20-26 September 2017

UN peacekeepers killed in Mali explosion

Institute of Global and Area Studies (Hamburg): Religious conflicts on the rise in Africa

Using Capoeira to heal trauma for former child soldiers

US DoD: U.S. Precision Airstrikes Kill 17 ISIS Militants in Libya

General accused of war crimes courted by west in Libya

Libyan armed group seeks legitimacy with Tripoli migrant deal, source says

TRIAL: “Swiss war crimes inquiry into Assad’s uncle stalled”

U.S. allies accuse Russia of strikes in eastern Syria

Human Rights Watch: US-led coalition air strikes killed dozens of civilians near Raqqa in March

Turkey extends troops’ deployment in Iraq and Syria

Iraq hangs 42 Sunni militants convicted of terrorism

Three suspected al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen drone strike

Why are Afghan militants targeting aid workers?

Amnesty International: Video and satellite evidence shows new fires still torching Rohingya villages in Myanmar

Bangladesh wants UN safe zones in Myanmar to protect Rohingya

Rio de Janeiro’s drug war (photos)

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