News Roundup – 29th January – 18th February

29th January – 4th February

Syria: Arrests, torture by armed group

Yemen government, Houthi rebels meet on UN ship to discuss truce

Libya’s El Sharara oilfield won’t reopen until occupiers leave – NOC

Afghan forces lose ground as peace efforts continue: Report

Central African Republic armed groups reach peace deal

A cold war in Myanmar and the dangers of a protracted ceasefire

Myanmar rebel groups consider alliance against government

Colombia: Five armed conflicts – what’s happening?

The unbearable hypocrisy of the ELN

Hezbollah’s backing of Maduro may shine light on links with Venezuela

5th February – 11th February

Daesh leader flees coup attempt by own fighters

Analysis: The budding insurgency in southern Syria

Zawahiri criticizes jihadists in Syria for clinging to territory under Turkey’s protection

Is HTS winning hearts and minds in Syria?

Yemen: Key pro-govt forces fighting rebels

Shabaab assassinates more high-ranking Somali military personnel

CAR peace deal calls for truth commission, joint patrols: AFP

The Central African Republic government and 14 armed groups sign milestone peace agreement

‘Overreacting to failure’: Facebook’s new Myanmar strategy baffles local activists

Colombia makes peace talks with ELN illegal, demobilization of armed groups virtually impossible

12th February – 18th February

Stop the war on children: Protecting children in 21st century conflict

Isis Briton Shamima Begum pleads to return to UK after giving birth

Analysis: Hay’at Tahrir al-sham and Hurras al-Din reach a new accord

Syria: Civilians face familiar threats in rebel-held areas

Aid agencies pull out of Idlib in face of new terror threat

Libya remains a battleground eight years after Gaddafi revolt

Libya: Civilians killed as Haftar prolongs fighting in Derna

Suicide attack kills 27 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Dozens killed in Indian Kashmir suicide bomb attack

Nigeria rebels threaten more attacks if Buhari is reelected

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