News Roundup 16th April – 26th May

Here is a consolidated news roundup from 16th April to 26th May. From now, news roundups will once again be posted weekly.

16th April – 22nd April

Endgames & Affiliations: Explaining Differing Patterns of Behavior Between Islamist Groups

Warlord Haftar’s armed groups shower Tripoli neighbourhoods with indiscriminate rockets

Nearly 180 dead and 800 injured in Haftar’s assaults on Tripoli

Baluch insurgent group claims responsibility for killing 14 in Pakistan

Pakistan revisits the usefulness of ‘Armed Militias’ – For what?

How stolen weapons keep groups like Boko Haram in business

Rebels in southern Sudan announce halt to hostilities until July 31

Armed conflict reactivating throughout Colombia as peace process is crumbling

Nicaragua: State must put an end to a year of brutal repression

Videos appear to show armed militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border

23rd April – 29th April

Militants ‘kill 22 Syrian government troops’ in Aleppo as Putin warns on Idlib

At least 17 killed in blast in Syria’s rebel-held Jisr al Shughour: rescue workers

Guards repel assault on Libya’s biggest oilfield as Tripoli battle rages

A women’s-rights activist is concerned about negotiations with the Taliban

UN: Pro-government forces kill more Afghans than armed groups

Sri Lanka: 15 dead in gun battle with bombing suspects

Mali’s rebel leaders face UN sanctions over continued attacks

Philippine communist rebels kill 6 soldiers, Military says

New IRA says Brexit has provided it with opportunity – Sunday Times

New I.R.A. apologizes for killing of journalist in Northern Ireland

30th April – 6th May

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels launch attack into Kurdish-held area

Watchdog: Hundreds of media workers killed in Syria

Turkish-backed militia releases leader of pro-Barzani faction in Syria’s Afrin

ISIL chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appears in propaganda video

IS group claims deadly attack on Haftar training camp in Libya

UN puts Pakistani armed group chief Masood Azhar on ‘terror’ list

Barzani Foundation suspends aid in Shingal after PKK-affiliated armed group imprisons office head

Six killed in Burkina Faso church attack

Rwanda detains rebel leader from group behind deadly attacks: minister

Myanmar troops kill six, detain scores in Rakhine over suspected rebel links: military spokesman

7th May – 13th May

Syrian army attacks rebel stronghold: insurgent spokesman

Iraq: Confining families with alleged ISIS ties unlawful

The future is here, and it features hackers getting bombed

IEDs and the Maoist insurgency

Nearly 900 children released by north-east Nigeria armed group

Extrajudicial killing dims hopes for Colombia’s demobilized FARC

Violence continues to displace farmers in northern Colombia

‘Cowardly attack’ exposes Colombia activists in firing line

Venezuela: Who are the colectivos?

Failed Venezuela uprising benefits armed and criminal groups

14th May – 20th May

‘Flying Ginsu’ missile won’t resolve U.S. targeted killing controversy

Rebels say Syrian army fails to retake Latakia mountain

Egypt’s Sinai: At least 47 fighters, 5 troops killed in battle

A look at Iran’s regional proxy militias

Pakistan hotel cleared after insurgent attack kills five

Warring Shan armed groups agree to ceasefire

Schoolgirls used as human shields in Congo due to ‘magical powers’ – charities

Back to war: Colombia’s military reports 33% increase in combat kills, 52% increase in captured combatants

ELN still receiving payments from companies in Colombia

Duque is destroying Colombia’s peace process: Farc

21st May – 26th May

Turkey-backed fighters join forces with HTS rebels in Idlib

Dozens killed as rebels launch counterattack in Syria

International community condemns Haftar’s attack on Tripoli’s water

Unknown group claims Baghdad rocket attack as retaliation for Trump soldier pardon

Egypt kills suspected fighters a day after tourist bus bombing

Zakir Musa: Tensions in Kashmir after killing of top rebel

Militants kill at least 25 Nigerian soldiers, some civilians in ambush: sources

Fears of Ebola pandemic is violent attacks continue in DR Congo

Armed group kills 34 civilians in Central African Republic

In Colombia’s Tumaco, the war isn’t over, it’s just beginning

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