News Roundup | 23rd September – 6th October

23rd September – 29th September

Terrorist groups, artificial intelligence, and killer drones

Russia says it has downed almost 60 drones in Syria this year

Yemen’s rebels say attack on Saudi border frontline captured ‘thousands’

Afghans vote in presidential election despite attacks by insurgents on polling stations

A desperate battle, and a victory for now, at a remote afghan outpost

How Taliban interference is hijacking Afghanistan’s election

Libya’s Khalifa Haftar says open to dialogue as fighting drags on

Practical guide: To fulfil the reintegration needs and rights of girls formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups in South Sudan

Nigeria: Abducted aid worker killed by ISIL affiliate

FARC leaders admit responsibility for mass kidnapping of civilians

30th September – 6th October

Syrian rebel groups merge as Turkish offensive looms

Northeast Nigeria: More children cleared of ties with armed groups and released from administrative custody

Rwanda charges 25 men tied to rebel outfit with treason, other crimes

Dozens of troops killed, scores missing after raids on Mali bases

Somali commandos, U.S. air strike repel Islamist insurgent attack

International Criminal Court puts Mali war crimes suspect to trial

Cameroon opens dialogue to end Anglophone separatist crisis

Armed group seizes four police in Shan

The Colombian city forgotten by peace

Armed militias are taking Trump’s civil war tweets seriously

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