News Roundup | 6 January – 12 January

An indepth look at the Battle for Kabani, hopes for peace in Sudan, and Colombia’s Constitutional Court makes a landmark decision recognising reproductive violence committed by the FARC.

Globalised Identity – The resilience of modern terrorism

Iraqi armed factions not ready to strike US forces, commanders say

Battle for Kabani: A rare defeat for the Syrian Army in 2019

Libya chaos intensifies with drone massacre and rebel advances

Congo killings may be crimes against humanity: UN report

Islamic State video details operations across the Sahel

Deadly raid in Kenya carried out under ‘direction’ of al-Qaeda leadership, Shabaab says

Sudanese in rebel-held Kauda hope for peace after Hamdok’s visit

Sudan’s revolution runs aground in Darfur

Rakhine: The new front in Myanmar’s violent ethnic conflicts

Colombia’s Constitutional Court issues landmark decision recognising victims of reproductive violence in conflict

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