News Roundup 10 August – 16 August

  1. ISIL will bounce back if Libya civil war doesn’t end, study warns
  2. The First Report of the OPCW’s Investigation and Identification Team on Syria
  3. After nearly a decade of violence, will the December polls be used as another reason to spread insecurity?
  4. The enduring harm inflicted by the Lord’s Resistance Army
  5. Atrocity Alert No. 215: The Sahel, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan
  6. Many killed in ethnic violence in eastern DR Congo
  7. Battling Conflict and COVID-19: The Changing Dynamics Within the Syrian Civil War
  8. Catalogue of rights abuses by Anglophone separatists in Cameroon: report
  9. Mozambique Should Protect Civilians During Insurgent Fight
  10. Public Statement by Chair of Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict


How Is COVID-19 Impacting Global Conflict? A BRINK interview with Richard Gowan, the United Nations Director at the International Crisis Group

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