News Roundup 1 March – 7 March

About the author(s):

Andrea Farrés Jiménez

Andrea Farrés Jiménez is a qualified Spanish lawyer specialized in international law with 3 years of involvement in the humanitarian and human rights field.

Colombia Seeks Justice for War Atrocities Via New Court

Analysis: Syria’s peace process and the Russian and US roles

Army, private firm, fighters accused of Mozambique war crimes

Amidst ‘conflict, blanket denials and finger-pointing’, UN rights chief calls for probe in Ethiopia’s Tigray

ICC Prosecutor opens probe into alleged crimes in occupied Palestine

Yemen pledging conference: Severity of suffering ‘impossible to overstate’ says Guterres

Fate still unclear of ‘tens of thousands’ of civilian detainees in Syria

South Sudan’s transition from conflict to recovery ‘inching forward’ – UN envoy

Yemen: UN ceasefire monitoring mission condemns attack on civilians in Hudaydah

Protecting the Information Space in Times of Armed Conflict

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