News Roundup 30 August – 5 September

About the author(s):

Andrea Farrés Jiménez

Andrea Farrés Jiménez is a qualified Spanish lawyer specialized in international law with 3 years of involvement in the humanitarian and human rights field.

Security Council urges Taliban to provide safe passage out of Afghanistan

White House: Biden told commanders to ‘stop at nothing’ to go after ISIS

Worst Tripoli fighting in a year tests Libya ceasefire

Israel-Palestine: Waste no opportunity for ‘serious’ political negotiation, envoy urges

Tigray aid situation worsening by the day, warn UN humanitarians

Pakistani soldiers killed in cross border fire from Afghanistan

What Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram say about living with ex-fighters

Syrian army bombards rebels in birthplace of uprising – residents

Five years on, Colombia’s coca regions remain at war and distrust is growing

Myanmar’s Opposition Is Forming Fragile Alliances With Armed Ethnic Groups

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