News Roundup 6 September – 12 September

About the author(s):

Andrea Farrés Jiménez is a qualified Spanish lawyer specialized in international law with 3 years of involvement in the humanitarian and human rights field.

France: Lafarge loses ruling in Syria crime against humanity case

Lafarge case uncovers French duplicity, hypocrisy, says analyst

Military Faction Stages Coup in Mineral-Rich Guinea

Myanmar’s Shadow Government Announces ‘Defensive War’

Human Rights abuses intensifying in eastern DR Congo – UNHCR

Violence Against Civilians in Eastern DRC Reaching New Heights, UN Says

Yemen: As conflict drags on, ‘no quick wins’ – UN envoy

UN: 18,000 Yemeni civilians killed in airstrikes since 2015

CAR Court Accuses Ex-warlord of Crimes Against Humanity

Syrian military groups operating under Turkey-backed SNA merge

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