News Roundup 20 December – 26 December

About the author(s):

Andrea Farrés Jiménez is a qualified Spanish lawyer specialized in international law with 3 years of involvement in the humanitarian and human rights field.

Tigrayan forces announce retreat to Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Tigrayan rebels offer ceasefire, as retreat leaves trail of abuse

‘Grasp this opportunity’, Guterres says, following announcements by Ethiopia and Tigray forces

Myanmar rebel group calls for no-fly zone to protect civilians

Myanmar army air raids send hundreds fleeing into Thailand

People running for their lives from armed conflict, airstrikes, in Myanmar need protection – humanitarian groups

Libya: Tensions as armed groups mobilize in Tripoli

UN warns of conflict in Libya as armed groups mobilise in Tripoli

Gunmen kill 47 in latest attacks in Nigeria’s troubled north

Dozens killed in ‘barbaric, senseless’ violence in Nigeria

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