News Roundup 30 May – 45 June

About the author(s):

Andrea Farrés Jiménez is a qualified Spanish lawyer specialized in international law with 3 years of involvement in the humanitarian and human rights field.

Yemen’s Improbable Truce Hangs in the Balance

Top UN Envoy hails two-month renewal of Yemen truce

Mali: UN condemns second ‘cowardly’ attack in three days against peacekeepers

Pakistan Taliban says ceasefire with gov’t in Islamabad extended

Security Council urged to support efforts to end M23 insurgency in DR Congo

Tens of thousands displaced by resurgence of fighting in eastern Congo

Court in Ireland finds ex-soldier guilty of ISIL membership

Ethnic Armed Groups Eye Post-coup Myanmar

As elections loom, South Sudan’s sluggish peace deal fuels further instability and violence

African Union chief ‘gravely concerned’ by Rwanda-DRC tension

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