News Roundup 4 July – 10 July

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Begümhan I. Simsir is an LL.M. candidate at the Geneva Academy of IHL and Human Rights and a policy and research intern at the IFRC. She holds a law degree from Turkish German University. Her LL.B. thesis focused on the protection of girl soldiers during and after armed conflicts. She has worked with various organizations, including Human Rights Measurement Initiative, Generation Human Rights, UNESCO, Airwars and the International Review of the Red Cross.

Nine patients killed in eastern DR Congo clinic by militia

Yemen: Houthi government condemns ‘Al-Qaeda’s demolition’ of ancient mosque in Hudaydah

Afghanistan: Taliban execute, ‘disappear’ alleged militants

Pa-O junta militia forcibly recruiting seven adults from each village

After years in ISIS prison camp, they now face an uncertain welcome home

Over 600 inmates escaped in Nigeria prison after terror attack

Clashes continue in DRC despite de-escalation pact with Rwanda

Ethiopia, rebel group trade blame over mass killing in west

UN fails to extend aid deliveries to Syrian rebel-held area

Five Myanmar junta soldiers killed in clash near border outpost: PDF group

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