News Roundup 1 August – 7 August

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Begümhan I. Simsir is a policy and research intern at the IFRC. She holds an LL.M. in IHL and human rights from the Geneva Academy. Her LL.M. thesis focused on the protection of wounded and sick hors de combat with a focus on mental health. She graduated from the Turkish German University Law School with a thesis focused on the protection of girl soldiers during and after armed conflicts. She has worked with various organizations, including Human Rights Measurement Initiative, Generation Human Rights, UNESCO, Airwars and the International Review of the Red Cross.

11 ADF rebels killed in east DR Congo

Southern Thailand rebel group considers 3 month ceasefire for Buddhist Lent

Mozambique: Armed forces gun down rebel from group that attacked vehicle convoy

Armed militias in Brazil hold enormous sway over fate of Amazon – and the global climate

Rwanda attacked Congo troops, backed rebels: experts for UN

Turkish jihadist group Dar’ul Erkam continues to raise funds for ISIS in Turkey

Kachin resistance attacks Myanmar junta-allied outposts

DRC journalists’ lives threatened by armed rebel group

Libyan armed groups clash in Tripoli

Hopes for peace dim as Papuan armed group step up attacks

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