News Roundup 29 August – 4 September

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Begümhan I. Simsir is a policy and research intern at the IFRC. She holds an LL.M. in IHL and human rights from the Geneva Academy. Her LL.M. thesis focused on the protection of wounded and sick hors de combat with a focus on mental health. She graduated from the Turkish German University Law School with a thesis focused on the protection of girl soldiers during and after armed conflicts. She has worked with various organizations, including Human Rights Measurement Initiative, Generation Human Rights, UNESCO, Airwars and the International Review of the Red Cross.

Libyan armed factions clash on outskirts of Tripoli

Two armed separatists killed in south Nigeria

DRC: Militants kill at least 44 people in multiple attacks in Ituri and North Kivu Provinces

Armed groups preparing for second meeting with coup leader

Top Yemeni judge abducted, killed in Sanaa

Ethiopian government accuses rebel group of new attacks

Eritrea joins offensive in Ethiopia’s Tigray region TPLF says

A year after U.S. exit, Afghan rebel groups are waging war on Taliban rule

Seven killed in latest tribal violence in Sudan’s Blue Nile state

Soldiers accused of killing and mutilating Papuans

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