News Roundup 10 October – 16 October

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Begümhan I. Simsir is a policy and research intern at the IFRC. She holds an LL.M. in IHL and human rights from the Geneva Academy. Her LL.M. thesis focused on the protection of wounded and sick hors de combat with a focus on mental health. She graduated from the Turkish German University Law School with a thesis focused on the protection of girl soldiers during and after armed conflicts. She has worked with various organizations, including Human Rights Measurement Initiative, Generation Human Rights, UNESCO, Airwars and the International Review of the Red Cross.

A surrendered Mon armed group transformed as a militia

Armed groups reject political settlement between Sudan’s FFC and military

Jihadist group takes over strategic town in northwest Syria

Pro-Russian armed groups expect intensive fighting in southern Ukraine

Colombia and ELN rebels to restart peace talks

Paris trial opens over crimes against humanity in Liberia

Villagers brutally massacred in DRC’s eastern Ituri province

Hundreds of displaced Syrians flee camps as inter-rebel fighting kills 13

Sudan rebels hand over prisoners of war, boosting ongoing talks

Sindhi rebel group militant arrested for carrying out deadly attack on Chinese-origin dentist couple’s clinic in Karachi

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