News Roundup 12 – 18 February

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Yiokasti Mouratidi is an LLM graduate in Public International Law from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She previously obtained her LLB in Law with European Law from the University of Nottingham, UK. Yiokasti has a strong interest in international humanitarian law, international security law and their intersections with environmental issues. Yiokasti currently works in the defence team at the UK Mission to the EU in Brussels; her work on the AGIL blog is provided in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views of any present or previous employer.

Iraqi armed groups dial down U.S. attacks of request of Iran commander

DR Congo rebel attacks on gold mind and South African soldiers kill 14

Children killed while fleeing violence in areas controlled by armed groups in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Yemen: Houthis recruit more child soldiers since October 7

Hezbollah official wounded in Israeli strike on Lebanon: security source

US condemns worsening violence in east of DR Congo, accuses Rwanda-backed armed group

The trial of Kwoyelo: fate of LRA rebel commander divides northern Uganda

Around 10,000 children are still fighting alongside armed groups in Central African Republic

Syria extends permit allowing UN to deliver aid from Turkey

Islamic State group poses rising threat in Africa despite progress, UN experts say

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