News Roundup 10-17 March

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Yiokasti Mouratidi is an LLM graduate in Public International Law from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She previously obtained her LLB in Law with European Law from the University of Nottingham, UK. Yiokasti has a strong interest in international humanitarian law, international security law and their intersections with environmental issues. Yiokasti currently works in the defence team at the UK Mission to the EU in Brussels; her work on the AGIL blog is provided in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views of any present or previous employer.

Red Sea crisis: US carries out six ‘self-defence’ strikes against Houthi targets

Pro-Ukrainian armed groups launch incursion into Russia

As army operations ramp up in Mali, rebel groups impose ‘suffocating’ blockades

Gangs tighten grip as Haiti spirals to collapse

Nigeria school abductions: More pupils snatched as armed hunts for missing

Congo rebels block trade routes, threatening supply of key metal

Syria: suicide drones increasingly targeting civilians

Hezbollah stages drone strike on Israeli outpost in Golan Heights

With aid headed to Gaza, risks remain to getting food to its starving population

Iraq bans PKK as security ties with Turkey gain momentum

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