Open Call for Contributions: Exploring Common Article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions

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As we commemorate this year the 75th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, our blog, “Armed Groups and International Law,” invites scholars, practitioners, and experts in international humanitarian law (IHL) to contribute blog posts addressing various dimensions of Common Article 3. This foundational provision, encapsulated within the Conventions, has significantly shaped the landscape of IHL, particularly concerning armed conflicts involving armed non-state actors. With a maximum length of 1800 words, we seek insightful analyses, case studies, and reflections that shed light on the diverse aspects of Common Article 3 and its implications for contemporary armed conflicts.

Contributors are encouraged to explore a range of topics related to Common Article 3, including but not limited to its scope of application in conflicts not of an international character, the definitions and interpretations of its key provisions, the historical context of its formulation, its addressees and its enduring impact on the development and enforcement of IHL norms. Posts may delve into the practical challenges and legal dilemmas faced in implementing Common Article 3, examine its relevance in addressing modern armed conflicts and the conduct of armed groups, or assess its role in promoting accountability and protecting civilians amidst evolving armed conflict dynamics.

In commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, this call for contributions seeks to foster a nuanced understanding of (the provisions of) Common Article 3 and its significance in contemporary discourse on armed conflict and international law. We invite submissions that offer fresh insights, empirical and historical analysis, and critical perspectives, contributing to a richer dialogue on the subject of armed groups and international law.

To be considered, please submit your piece via e-mail to Armed Groups and International Law by July 8 2024, together with a short bio and profile picture. Decisions will be communicated by 19 July 2024 and the Symposium will start on August 12 2024

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