Bemba Gombo

News Roundup – 28 June 2013

Syria war likely to drag on, says ICRC head.  Security Council extends UN force in Golan Heights, calling for greater support.  ‘We should have talked to Taliban 10 years ago’, says top British officer in Afghanistan.  More deaths in battle for Somali port city, Kismayo.  Somalia’s Al-Shabaab leader Aweys ‘not surrendering’.  Bemba to testify in …

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News Roundup – 29 November 2012

Kosovo ex-PM cleared of war crimes by ICTY.  HRW: Syria: Opposition using children in conflict.  Syria shuts off internet access across the country.  Pakistan militant leader Mullah Nazir injured in blast.  International Crisis Group report: ‘Sudan: Major Reform or More War’. Congo rebels, following ultimatum, begin retreat from seized land.  Congo accuses Rwanda of shielding …

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News Roundup – 27th November 2012

US official: Colombian rebel to stay in prison.  Syrian rebels seize major dam in North.  Watching Syria’s War: Rebel faction demands Islamic State.  Witness describes disciplinary procedures in Bemba’s military.  ICC examining Boko Haram’s crimes.  M23 rebels agree to leave Goma.  DRC rebels dig in as leader heads to Uganda for talks. 

News Roundup – 17 September 2012

FARC ready for peace, top Colombia rebel says.  Afghanistan: NATO airstrike kill eight women in Lagham.  2 U.S. marines killed in insurgent attack on British air base in southwestern Afghanistan.  HRW – Syria: end opposition use of torture, executions.  UN investigators draw up new list of Syria war crimes suspects.  Slow, costly road to unity in …

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News Roundup – 13 September 2012

110 child soldiers deserted Colombia’s illegal armed groups in 2012. Who are the jihadis in Libya? Expert: Speaking Lingala did not prove soldiers were from Bemba’s militia. Somali president escapes Mogadishu hotel bombing. Yemen says key al-Qaeda chief Said al-Shihri killed. Hamas divided, and a political choice. International Crisis Group Report: The PKK and a …

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News Roundup – 10 September 2012

Colombia FARC peacetalks show promise despite differences. Haqqani network is considered most ruthless branch of Afghan insurgency. Iraqi vice president sentenced to death amid deadly wave of insurgent attacks. Syrian rebels say they freed 350 prisoners in Aleppo. Inside a secret Syrian rebel TV channel. Syria criticises France for supporting the rebels, as fears grow of Islamist …

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News Roundup – 22 August 2012

United Nations Secretary General releases report on R2P entitled ‘Responsibility to Protect: Timely and decisive response’. Deadly fighting over Syria grips North Lebanon. Syrian rebels fight on for Aleppo despite local wariness. Mali coup leader unveils cabinet. Top U. S. general’s plane damaged in Afghanistan attack. No solution in sight for Congo conflict. Bemba trial: …

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