News Roundup – 29/30th January 2015

Bridging levels of analysis in the study of conflict.  Jordan let’s Islamic State’s deadline for prisoner exchange pass.  The women who died defending Kobani against ISIS.  US drone strikes Al-Qaida amidst Yemen political crisis.  How Boko Haram brought hunger to north Cameroon.  In the UN’s gun sights, one of DRC’s most infamous rebel groups.  43 …

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News Roundup – 28 January 2015

Assessing (again) the Defensive Operations in Syria.  Jordan ready to ‘swap’ inmate for pilot held by ISIL.  Two Israeli soldiers killed in Hezbollah missile attack.  Targeted sanctions and accountability key to end spiralling war crimes in Benghazi.  Rebel group kills seven in worst attack against Damascus in seven years.  Yola: the city where people fleeing …

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News Roundup – 5 April 2013

UNWRA Suspends Food Aid After Protest in Gaza Syria slams Jordan for hosting U.S.-backed rebel training ‘Kurdish rebel chief urges unarmed pullout’ International Crisis Group report: Yemen’s Military-Security Reform: Seeds of New Conflict? And the report itself Foreign Policy op-ed: Why Sticks and Stones Will Beat Our Drones

News Roundup – 22 October 2012

Taliban deny their bombs cause the most roadside deaths.  UK to double number of drones in Afghanistan.  Lebanese army warns against score-settling.  Eleven alleged Al-Qaida linked militants accused of planning Jordan’s worst terror attack in years.  Bombings continue to rock Somalia’s port city of Kismayo.  A ticking time bomb: what’s behind the instability in Mali? …

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