Joseph Kony

News Roundup – 7 November 2014

Talking to terrorists: how to end armed conflicts. First forum on humanitarian action: rooted in Islam and international humanitarian law.  Peacekeeping operations: ICRC statement to the United Nations.  United Nations agency chief laments ‘sheer sustainability’ of Gaza crisis.  US led air raids target Syria armed groups.  Iraqi Sunni actors taking on the Islamic State.  UN …

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News Roundup – 19 May 2014

Opinio Juris Guest post: detention in NIACs: a pledge in favour of the application of IHL.  Colombia soul searches on peace and reconciliation ahead of election.  Colombia and FARC agree on drug trade plan.  Ban warns about targeting civilians, after armed groups cut off water supply in Aleppo.  Pakistani Taliban vows fight for Sharia.  Mali …

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News Roundup – 8 May 2014

Rebels level historic Aleppo hotel, in Syria.  Iraq’s oil police versus the rebel saboteurs.  In wake of abductions, Ban to send high level envoy to Nigeria to discuss UN support.  Abduction of girls an act not even Al-Qaida can condone.  Explaining Boko Haram, Nigeria’s Islamic insurgency: Waging war in Nigeria, and seeking new battlegrounds.  Islamic …

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News Roundup – 5 May 2014

Syrian rebel offensive encroaches on last chemical stockpile.  Ceasefire in Syria’s Homs to allow rebel withdrawal.  Thousands flee Syria rebel clashes.  Amnesty: Nigeria – campaign of violence and abductions against civilians must end.  The messy mission to find Joseph Kony.  UN peacekeeping chief discusses ‘roll out’ of CAR mission.  Navi Pillay mission to South Sudan: …

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News Roundup – 21 November 2013

Obama vow and Loya Jirga debates US-Afghan security deal.  Syria diary: beggar at the door.  Pakistanis killed in suspected drone attack.  US officials warn of insurgents streaming into Syria.  DRC rebels inch towards peace.  Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Cony said to be in surrender talks. 

News Roundup – 7 November 2013

On International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, Ban calls for protection of natural resources in war-torn countries. Colombia agrees FARC political participation.  Nigerian farmers lose $19m to the uprising.  Al-Qaida killed French reporters in Mali.  Chad soldiers trained in IHL before their deployment to Mali.  After outside …

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News Roundup – 26 April 2013

Syrian prisoners talk as jailers look on. Syria claims disruption of a rebel supply line. Calls for Côte d’Ivoire government to tackle unrest in west. UN approves peaceforce for Mali (for official UN press release see here). Tanzania will not back down from DRC intervention. Lawfare: $5 million reward for Joseph Kony’s transfer to the ICC. PKK …

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