Reparations by Non-State Armed Groups

Reparations are measures to acknowledge and remedy the harm caused to victims by a responsible actor. International law and state practice in transitional societies, places the responsibility on the state to deliver reparations, but there is increasing recognition that non-state armed groups should also provide reparations. To some people it may seem morally jarring to …

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News Roundup – 10-14 August 2015

Peru dismantles Shining Path column.  Lawfare blog: when cubs become lions: the future of ISIS child soldiers. Is Turkey using ISIS as an excuse to fight the Kurds?  Amnesty International report: Fresh evidence of atrocities underscores need for impartial investigation into Turkish airstrikes in Kandil mountains.  Al-Qaida withdrawal raises Syria safe zone hopes.  Powerful Islamist …

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News Roundup – 3 July 2014

Colombia’s biggest coal companies dodge specifics over ‘payment to armed groups’ claims.  Three leaders of Peru’s Shining Path rebel group charged in New York.  How ISIS came to control large parts of Syria and Iraq.  Islamic State seizes key Syrian oil field.  120 Libyan rebels charter plane to Sarajevo to watch a movie.  Nigeria: struggle to …

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News roundup – 13 August 2013

Enough Project concludes in its report “The Recent Fighting in Eastern Congo and Its Implications for Peace” that Congo’s National Army and M23 Rebel Group are the Most Powerful Armed Actors in Eastern Congo. See also the interesting info graphic setting out the alignment of these and other armed actors in Eastern DRC More DRC …

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News Roundup – 27 June 2013

Victims of Peru’s civil war still wait reparations. International Crisis Group Report: Syria’s Metastasising Conflict. Armed groups clash in Libya’s capital for second day. Mali’s ex-junta leader Sanogo ‘asks for forgiveness’. UN accuses Congo’s M23 rebels of murdering civilians. Security worries grow in Mozambique after rebel attacks.

News Roundup – 15 May 2013

Peruvian Minister of Environment: Peru’s Illegal Mining on Verge of Funding Armed Groups Goodluck Jonathan declares emergency in three Nigerian states, and Nigeria Responds to Upsurge in Boko Haram Violence CAR Instability Said to Help Lord’s Resistance Army Regroup Hamas leader Meshaal: ‘We Are Not Fanatic Killers’ Video purporting to show Syrian rebel atrocity highlights …

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News Roundup – 15 October 2012

Two Peru policemen killed in bush ambush. UN Envoy calls to protect civilians after deadly clashes in Libya’s Bani Walid. Five Royal Marines charged with murder of insurgent in Afghanistan. Rebels ally with Al-Qaida group to take Syrian base. International Crisis Group Report: Tentative jihad: Syria’s fundamentalist opposition. Meeting a rebel commander in Aleppo. Mali rebels threaten France …

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News Roundup – 8 October 2012

Peruvian rebels burn helicopters.  Will Colombia have peace at last?  NATO resumes training of Afghan police recruits.  Qatar urges Syrian rebels not to kill Iranian prisoners.  Kurdish autonomy in Syria troubling for rebels, Turkey In the midst of Turkish strikes on Syria, “Rebels seize Syrian army outpost at Turkey border” Citing U.S. fears, Arab allies …

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News Roundup – 17 August 2012

Peruvian Shining Path rebels kill soldiers in ambush.  Afghan helicopter crash kills 11.  Suicide bombers storm Pakistani airbase.  Nigerian troops kill 20 suspected militants.  Bloody day of blasts in Iraq kills more than 70. Reuters: Algeria’s Brahimi agrees to be Syria mediator.  18,000 minors enrolled in Columbia’s armed groups.