About the blog:

The Armed Groups and International Law blog was founded in June 2012 by Katharine Fortin. It has two main purposes: (i) ‘information sharing’ and (ii) ‘community building’ between individuals and organisations working on issues related to armed groups and international law. The blog aims to provide updates on news stories and publicize academic journal articles and seminars, talks and conferences on issues related to armed groups. Academic commentary from individuals or orgnisations on current issues, recent cases or developing issues is welcomed.  Such content will be accredited to the contributing individual or organisation, who will retain sole responsibility for the accuracy and originality of the post’s contents. The editors of the blog will reserve the discretion to decide whether contributions will be published.

Top news stories are selected by the editors of the blog who cannot vouch for their factual accuracy. Efforts are made to ensure that news and commentary are only provided from established non-biased news providers, academics or students of international law or organisations with a humanitarian purpose.

Submissions should be sent by email to the editors of the blog: Katharine Fortin (k.m.a.fortin@uu.nl ) and Ezequiel Heffes (ezequielheffes@gmail.com).

Disclaimer: The provision of links to websites on this blog does not constitute endorsement of these websites or their contents. The editors do not exercise editorial control over the contents of the websites and cannot guarantee their factual accuracy. The editors of the blog and/or authors posts do not take responsibility for the factual accuracy or originality of any text accredited to any other individual or organisation. The editors and authors contribute to the blog on a personal basis and the views expressed in the posts do not necessarily reflect the views of the institutions they are affiliated with.

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