New report: ‘Aftermath: Injustice, Torture and Death in Detention in North-East Syria’

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A new report Aftermath: Injustice, Torture and Death in Detention in North-East Syria  (Amnesty International) published yesterday documents how the North East Syria’s autonomous authorities are responsible for the large-scale violation of the rights of more than 56,000 people in their custody. This includes an estimated 11,500 men, 14,500 women, and 30,000 children held in at least 27 detention facilities and two detention camps – Al-Hol and Roj. The autonomous authorities are the principal partner of the US government and other coalition members who defeated IS in north-east Syria. The report details how the USA is involved in most aspects of the detention system. 

The report contains a lengthy written response by the autonomous authorities and shorter written responses by the US government, UK government and Iraqi government.

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