News Roundup 8 – 14 January

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Yiokasti Mouratidi is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of International and Operational Law at the Swedish Defence University, focusing on compliance with the law of armed conflict. Previously, Yiokasti obtained her LLM in Public International Law from Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2022) and her LLB in Law with European Law from the University of Nottingham, UK (2019). Yiokasti has a strong interest in international humanitarian law and international security law.

Her work on the AGIL blog is provided in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views of any present or previous employer.

Myanmar’s military, ethnic armed groups agree to China-mediated truce

Ecuador declares war on armed gangs after TV station attacked on air

Myanmar rebel group claims control of town bordering India, Bangladesh

UN says all peacekeepers will leave DR Congo by end of 2024

Burundi closes Rwanda border in new row over rebels

US and UK launch air strikes against Yemen’s Houthis

Hezbollah says US/UK strikes on Houthis have turned Red Sea into conflict zone

Syria extends aid deliveries via Turkiye for six months

Turkey launches air attacks against Kurdish rebels in Iraq and Syria

Daily death rate in Gaza higher than any other major 21st century conflict – Oxfam

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